What to expect?
Find a space for a definite time, where your body and your soul are allowed to feel good,
   to let go, expand and replenish.

     Treat yourself and your loved ones (voucher) to one of the massages from the Ayurveda         world, Tantra, or from the Shaman culture of Hawaii.

            Take your time and enter the meditative atmosphere of warmth, well being and comfort,                surrounded by wonderful music and fragrances. Encounter the gentle touch of the
                   warm oil flow.

                       Let go of your day-to-day worries. Let the seamlessly repetitive movements lead                            you to open all your inner senses.

                               Discover your body with depth and joy. Restore peace within yourself
                                  and others.
    Indulge yourself and take the sensual experience into your every day
      life, which can be faced now with gentleness and new energy.

           I would be honoured to be able to walk with you this path to the Inner              World with my experience and intuition. Please make an appointment                by phone and I will be delighted to discuss with you the details in
                 our preliminary consultation. Tel. +49 178 4723505
                        Your massages: SINGING BOWLS 
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