Tibetan singing bowls sessions

Sessions take place fully clothed and wrapped in a banquet on a comfortable mat. Bowls are   played on and around your body. The harmonic vibrations of the singing bowls engage you in a     journey into your inner world.
      This sound chord of natural and harmonic overtones directly accesses the cellular memory to          bring your body back into alignment and harmony, creating a condition of deep relaxation,            happiness and wellbeing.

                 In this relaxation modus, sound tools entrain the brain to move into the deeper Alpha                    brain wave that activates the body's self-healing powers.
                     The cleansing and energising vibrations work on all levels and help to drastically                         reduce or eliminate stress, clear energetic blockades, and relieve emotional and                            physical pain or discomfort. The result is a profound sense of inner calm,                               happiness, vitality and self-esteem.
  Single sessions (back and front side) last approx. 60 minutes.
    Additional time is necessary for a combination of focused dialog and an      intuitive reading before and after the session. Some indications for singing

         bowls healing are: Weariness, circulatory disorders, ADD/ADHD,            gastrointestinal disorders, migraine, scars, rehabilitation processes,              convulsions, mental and psychosomatic disorders, tinnitus.
               Also in cooperation with kindergartens and schools, dealing with                  mental and physical handicap people, dementia and elderly                    people, including terminal care.

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